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In Network Marketing the “Quick Fix” is no good unless you learn how to survive.

Everyone wants the “Quick Fix” in our microwave society. We read the testimonials of those who tap into the big bucks in just a few short months and we get all excited. After a few months go by and we have fallen short of the goal we tend become disenchanted and ether quit, slow down or look for another solution.

Is the quick fix really the fix we are looking for, and is it really quick? Quick is a relative term when compared to the time line of the traditional job. Those who are serious about fixing their current situation must recognize that “Quick” must include enough time for a learning curve. There is no long term fix without an initial and ongoing investment in knowledge.

You can join the endless list of people who have jumped on the road to success for a short trip to failure or you can take enough time to determine where you are going and what you will need to know to make the journey.

Success in network marketing is not a solo act. Steady progress requires ongoing training from a reliable source. Friends do what friends do. Make friends with successful people who can model the process of building a solid business.

Good News! There are people and systems available that will provide the step by step requirements to build a successful, long term income stream. You can also combine the learning process with the practical steps needed to generate income.

Most network marketing opportunities attract distributors because of a strong product offer and the promise of “Big Bucks”. Unfortunately all too many people slip away because of a lack of up front income and a lack of hands on leadership to support the long term objectives.

More Good News! A well planed online training system will provide an opportunity for funding from the first day forward as well as the effective leadership you need.
There are two sources of leadership that make it possible to establish a steady, financially rewarding, and long term success in network marketing.

Source #1 – The Network Marketing Company you work with.

The company you work with will, or should, provide product and systems training. Product knowledge is important as a part of your personal belief in the value of the product that you represent. Your company will also provide information that will help you navigate the operational / administrative components of the business.

Source #2 – The distributor force of the Network Marketing Company you work with.

Successful network marketing distributors are, without question, the best resource for training in the “How To” of building a financially viable network. It is important to note that these leaders can come from numerous different companies. The processes for marketing the opportunity are basically the same regardless of the company or products represented.

Some of the best training materials will come from independent distributors that represent different companies and products. There are a growing number of leaders who have become widely recognized for developing powerful online methods of marketing.

Take Time:
Take time to look at the whole picture. Seek and recognize the proven sources that you can learn from as you develop your personal leadership skills for building a successful network’

Take Action:
Take action on the lessons learned. You can get trapped into a long term learning process with no income if you fail to take action. It’s better to make some mistakes while you earn, than to make nothing while you learn.

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Leadership is a function of being out in front, demonstrating the methods required to successfully market and grow a business with vision and inspiration. It is not enough to hope that people are going to jump in and make your business prosper. People need an example to follow. I once heard a great quote; “If you think you are a leader and no one is following you, you are simply out for a walk.” Another way to look at it is to say that no one can follow you if you are not going somewhere that represents a worthwhile destination.

Let’s take a look at each word in the title of this article for a better understanding.


One of the best examples of making a difference through leadership is in the story of the McDonalds Corporation. The McDonald brothers were very successful in organizing and building a new, innovative method of providing food service. They were able to rethink the whole kitchen setup for mass production and efficiency. They learned how to streamline the menu and create a destination dining experience. They were very good at what they were doing, however they failed when it came to real national expansion. It wasn’t until Ray Kroc entered the picture with vision and leadership that they were able to breakthrough to the next level.

Ray Kroc had vision and the ability to inspire others to come together as a team. He blazed a new trail and gave birth to the “Fast Food” industry as we know it today. Ray and the McDonald brothers were able to demonstrate how to perform the basics with the added benefit of vision and inspiration.

To be a leader you must:

1. Be teachable.
2. Be persistent and willing to perform the required tasks.
3. Have a vision that you are willing to share.
4. Be an inspiration as you encourage others toward success.


Marketing is the process of knowing who will identify with your offer, developing your image, positioning yourself to be seen, and connecting with your target market.
SUV automobile commercials on television provide one of the best examples of effective marketing. The prime market is the family and the sports enthusiast. The image is of people having fun, televised sporting events is the venue, and the commercials always end by telling the viewers where to go for the best deal.


Growth is the natural byproduct of combing personal effort with vision and encouragement. Growth is not something that you can force. Growth kicks in and begins to take on a life of its own once you have attracted or developed other leaders who will replicate the example that you have demonstrated.


When done correctly, delegation should be the process of trusting others with the same opportunity that you have been given. Delegation is all too often misunderstood. Many people assign the dirty work and undesirable activities to others because they don’t want to do it themselves.

Delegation, at its best, builds others into leaders. The more leaders that you can effectively inspire, the greater the growth and ultimate success of your business.

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