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Keeping It Simple in Network Marketing

Do you ever feel like you are in a hail storm of ideas, promotions, “One Time Offers”, best deal of the century, explode business with 50 simple steps, and million dollar bonuses. I’m not taking a cheap shot at legitimate offers, but I am recognizing the potential for complete overwhelm from the sheer numbers of solutions to create an overnight success in business.

There are some great programs that are working well when done correctly. The challenge is in picking the right programs, learning how to use them, and being consistent in your effort. I have examined some programs that look like they might have some real potential, only to find that they are so complicated that I can’t wrap my brain around them.

The challenge in trying to promote a business is finding the audience that wants or is interested in the offer. How do you reach people without bugging your friends and relatives? On one hand person to person marketing in your sphere of influence can and will work for some people. However, far more people are left with a garage full of product and an empty bank account.

With a glimmer of hope that all is not lost you turn to the internet where millions of people can find you. The only problem is that you are among the millions and you need to find a way to be recognized. Here is where the brilliance of some young gurus have blazed a trail and made it possible for ordinary people to stand out.

After months of research I have examined hundreds of offers, lots of bogus schemes and a few real gems. The interesting reality is that the best of the online systems are relatively simple while they require a consistent effort. The goal is to monetize the masses and profit from the prospects.

Attraction marketing is the process of drawing attention from a large audience, filtering them into a funnel system and rendering prospects that are ready, willing, and able to, at least, consider your offer. The other objective is to provide a simple system that your prospects can grasp. The exponential growth of a network requires an easy to follow system that can be passed from one person to the next.

Leverage is another key component. You need to invest a relatively small amount of time in a way that will multiply itself as it gains traction in the market place. As I see it you have two choices. You can spend a few years learning the secrets of the top income earners, or you can invest in the systems that they have produced and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

The more complicated the process, the longer it will take to produce real results for the average person. Keep it simple, keep it profitable.
Avoid being overwhelmed and build something that works and that you can pursue because you enjoy it. Have a “BLAST.”

Budget –Leverage – Action – Simple – Triumph.
Establish a Budget, Leverage your time and your finances, take Action, Keep it Simple, and Triumph over all of the obstacles.
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Glenn Beck Claims Jeopardy for Business Opportunities

Glen Beck tells us that our government is out of control, spending is unsustainable capitalism is in grave danger of being a thing of the past and unimaginably hard times could well be in our future. Others say that all of the spending is needed to change things and there are too many ultra wealthy people, we need to spread the wealth and take control of business and finances.

This is not a Political message or an attempt to generate fear. Regardless of what you believe and whether you are Republican or Democrat, capitalist, left, right, or in between, the reality is that our economy is changing. The business landscape is changing and we are currently seeing businesses fail, and large corporations cutting back with 30% to 40% loss of business.

What is the point? The point is that owning you own business, just showing up at the job everyday and having some investments on the side no longer represents the kind of financial security that it once did. People are looking for answers to secure their financial future. It is not just about lots of money, big houses and fancy cars. Financial security, safe investments and secure income resources are the key issues of the day.

Network Marketing, although misunderstood and often misrepresented in its earlier years, offers a real solution. People are taking control of their lives and looking for ways to take charge of their financial future.

Network marketing provides a platform for doing business that is sustainable regardless of the changes in the economy. The network marketing business opportunity has the most efficient risk reward component of any other business model.

Today there are more sophisticated online business promotion systems than ever before. Anyone who is serious about taking charge of their income and their financial security can make some choices and take action.

I did my home work, I made some choices and I have found a path that works for me. I don’t believe that everyone will make the same choices that I have made. That is perfectly okay. However, I am providing a link so that you can find some answers that might work for you as well.

I discovered an online system that manages all of the technical issues. All that is required is a step by step process of entering your information and letting the system produce the web sites, emails and other important elements in the system.

With a consistent effort on the part of anyone wanting to build a business, it is completely possible to build an income stream, on a part time basis, that will exceed the income that you would otherwise generate on the job.

Glenn Beck and all of the other TV news sources are casting a view point, both of what is, and what could be. I chose to cast a vision of what can be if we step up and take charge of our own future. You can let the tide sweep you away or you can ride the wave to a secure financial future. This proven online marketing system, combined with a growing network marketing business opportunity, might just be the answer you are looking for.

Skip McNutt
Check out the information on this link http://skipmcnutt.com
Also check out the video on You Tube

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MonaVie Black Diamond MLM Compensation

Network Marketing has always held a great attraction to me. The real attraction however is not singularly focused on the money or the “stuff” money can buy. The benefits of network marketing have more to do with general quality of life.

Everyone wants to know that they have made a difference in life. I remember that time when I was young, a very long time ago, when I had some big ideas of what life would be like someday. The problem is that the someday that I have experienced is nothing like what I envisioned as a youngster. 

It seems that life gets in the way and jobs take over a large part of daily living. Jobs have a way of eating up time and returning a limited income in return for the hours spent. The formula is not very favorable. The more hours you work, the more money you make, The more hours you work the less time you have to enjoy the life you can now pay for. When you work less you have less income to enjoy the extra time you have. It just doesn’t seem fair.

The dreams of my youth were reignited when I took a close look at the MonaVie Black Diamond MLM Compensation plan. I saw a great deal more than dollar signs. I saw time freedom, I saw travel, and I saw a real opportunity to make a difference. The possibility of  working my way up to Monavie Black Diamond didn’t seem like an impossible dream. Ordinary people were climbing through the ranks at alarming speed. Monavie Produced One Billion dollars in sales within the first three years of doing business.

The world of network marketing has always represented an opportunity to make the work I do today count for the days to come. Residual income is an income stream that continues to flow with or without your assistance. If you have a network marketing business that means that you own a business network that generates cash flow with the sale and consumption of a product or service. The key words here are “You Own” the network. The primary difference between traditional brick and mortar businesses and network marketing is the minimal investment up front. In addition the work force is independent as a opposed to employees that require pay and benefits.

The product, the timing, the management, the compensation and the cause that MonaVie supports in Brazil were all convincing components that add to the attainable goal of MonaVie Black Diamond. All that being said I realized that I would still have to build a network of distributors. I now know that my initial concerns were without cause. I discovered an online marketing system that provides a seemingly endless resource of prospects that are looking for the same benefits that recharged my personal hopes.

MonaVie is regarded as the number one network marketing company in the industry. Untill now their growth has been accomplished with the good ol’ friends and family approach.  Today you can explode you business with the number one “All in One” – 24/7  marketing system that is dominating the internet. I have been blessed to have discovered the number one online marketing system in web-based marketing. If you would like to how you can grow a network that generates a 6 to 7 figure income just click on the following link.

Click Here  MonaVie Black Diamond.

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What a Nightmare! Is Network Marketing Always So Hard?
Consider all of the people who signed up in a network marketing opportunity because the product looked good and someone made it all sound so easy. On one hand network marketing does not have to be so hard and on the other hand there is work involved. If you are first timer it is easy to become overwhelmed and under trained resulting in frustration and failure.

Let’s be honest. The free lunch deal that everyone is “TRYING TO SELL” is not so free, and you may not like the menu. There is work involved. You may or may not like the kind of work you are getting involved in. YOU HEARD THIS HERE! Network Marketing may not be your cup of tea. Sure anyone can do it. The question is “Does everyone want to do it?”

Here are some steps to follow to help determine if this is a good fit:

1. Try the product. If the product is good, lives up to its promises, and seems like something you would enjoy representing, that’s a good thing. HEADS UP! If you do this right you will never have to sell anything. I cover this in some other articles in my blog. Keep in mind that having a great product that you believe in is a must.

2. Check out the company. Are they young enough to have their major growth ahead of them and old enough to have worked out their start up problems, and proven themselves? Are they currently in the top ten network marketing companies and continuing to grow?

3. Check out the Compensation Plan. Do they have multiple bonuses and sources of income built in to the plan? The new generation binary programs seem to have the advantage with just two downline legs to build.

4. Do you have to handle product? There has to be product sales to generate an income flow. However, you don’t want to have to handle a lot of product, or have mass quantities on hand to do business. The only time you may need extra product is if you are building your business face to face with your contact list. While this method still works, it can be a real deal breaker for a lot of people.

5. Can you market this product online? Most products and services can be marketed online if you have the right marketing strategy. The trick is finding a proven strategy that is the best fit for you.

In my experience I found the product that truly got me excited. I got a very good start by building my network face to face. It was hard but I did it. I then ran out of warm market and found it very difficult to maintain the momentum that I had established. I went into low gear and, while I continued to receive income, I quit trying so hard to convince others that this would work for them. After a number of months of no growth I began an intensive search on the internet for the solution to my problem. I still love the product and believe in the company. I just needed a better way to go to market.

I found a bunch of answers. Everywhere looked I found the magic bullet, The BIG DEAL that I couldn’t live without. Then I discovered the funded proposal and the most popular delivery systems to make it work. If you don’t know what a funded proposal is don’t worry. It’s not complicated and you will get the picture soon.

Here is the bottom line. I found a system that works for me and I am busting at the seams to share with everyone. However, not everyone wants to know and I don’t have time to share it with everyone. So this is what I do to develop my business. First, I started by entering my information in a pre- built, proven system. Next, I write some blogs and some articles. (Not that hard if you learn a few tips). I submit my articles online. (There is an awesome program that broadcasts the article submissions to hundreds of article directories).When I actually talk to someone they have already demonstrated an interest in what I am doing, and I simply supply the information they need. There is NO SELLING, or trying to convince anybody of anything. If they don’t want it now, that is just fine, NEXT! I wish them well and move on.

That’s it! – It’s real, it’s simple It works. Check it out at http://www.skipmcnutt.com.

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Dust Off Your Dreams

There comes a time when you have tried everything to get ahead and you begin to lose hope. I was thinking about this subject and recognizing the seemly endless stream of people that I have watched as they stepped away from their dreams.

I share the following thoughts on my face book page. “It doesn’t matter how bad you are if you want it bad enough. You can’t let your inexperience hold you back if you have a goal to pursue a great opportunity. You will get better if you keep the best in mind. Get passionate about your purpose, and keep purpose in the process. Refuse to loose, go for your goals, and don’t let the dream stealers take your God given vision to live the life He paid for. Have a Blessed Day!”

Dreams and visions should be treated as a treasured gift. Your dreams cannot be repossessed, the government can’t take them, and no one can steal them if you refuse to let them go.

You came into this world with no physical possessions and you will leave this world with no physical possessions. Physical possessions can neither give you status or take it away if you focus on the things in life that matter most. The things that have the greatest shelf life and that really matter at the end of the day will come in the form of what you have been able to contribute to others.

Consider the person who, at his funeral, is remembered for his impact on the lives of others. He may no longer lay claim the possessions that he left behind, but he can still be credited for the difference he made in the world he leaves behind.
My favorite quote is by Zig Ziggler. “You can have anything you want if you help enough people get what they want.”

What do you want? How would your life look if you were able to achieve the goals and dreams in your life? Maybe it’s time to dust off some of those dreams and breathe some life into the visions that once gave you hope.

Today would be a great day to start!
Check out one of the things that I’m doing to build something of value. http://www.skipmcnutt.com.

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