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I am not a professional journalist. I am an ordinary citizen who has simply taken the time to think about life and the things that, I believe, make a difference in how we live and the choices we make. I’m approaching 70 years of life experiences. I have seen dramatic changes in our culture and trends that, in my view, are eating the way at the foundational values that made our country great. I believe in our countries founding principle of religious freedom. I am an un-apologetic Christian with the firm belief that everyone has the God-given right to believe in and exercise their faith of choice whatever it is. The beauty of the First Amendment is in the reality that our government does not have the right to impose restrictions on your faith or religious convictions. It’s all about protecting your religious rights from government intervention. It is not about protecting government from the free expression of your faith. Like it or not our country was founded on Christian principles while protecting our individual rights to make our own choices in our expression of faith. If you are not comfortable with this position I would encourage you to go beyond the history revisionists version of this country’s founding. Examine the whole story behind our country’s founders and the freedoms expressed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I don’t mind dealing with controversial issues as long as we can establish open-minded and non-judgmental dialogue. I do reserve the right to delete vulgar or sexually explicit content.

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