Leadership is a function of being out in front, demonstrating the methods required to successfully market and grow a business with vision and inspiration. It is not enough to hope that people are going to jump in and make your business prosper. People need an example to follow. I once heard a great quote; “If you think you are a leader and no one is following you, you are simply out for a walk.” Another way to look at it is to say that no one can follow you if you are not going somewhere that represents a worthwhile destination.

Let’s take a look at each word in the title of this article for a better understanding.


One of the best examples of making a difference through leadership is in the story of the McDonalds Corporation. The McDonald brothers were very successful in organizing and building a new, innovative method of providing food service. They were able to rethink the whole kitchen setup for mass production and efficiency. They learned how to streamline the menu and create a destination dining experience. They were very good at what they were doing, however they failed when it came to real national expansion. It wasn’t until Ray Kroc entered the picture with vision and leadership that they were able to breakthrough to the next level.

Ray Kroc had vision and the ability to inspire others to come together as a team. He blazed a new trail and gave birth to the “Fast Food” industry as we know it today. Ray and the McDonald brothers were able to demonstrate how to perform the basics with the added benefit of vision and inspiration.

To be a leader you must:

1. Be teachable.
2. Be persistent and willing to perform the required tasks.
3. Have a vision that you are willing to share.
4. Be an inspiration as you encourage others toward success.


Marketing is the process of knowing who will identify with your offer, developing your image, positioning yourself to be seen, and connecting with your target market.
SUV automobile commercials on television provide one of the best examples of effective marketing. The prime market is the family and the sports enthusiast. The image is of people having fun, televised sporting events is the venue, and the commercials always end by telling the viewers where to go for the best deal.


Growth is the natural byproduct of combing personal effort with vision and encouragement. Growth is not something that you can force. Growth kicks in and begins to take on a life of its own once you have attracted or developed other leaders who will replicate the example that you have demonstrated.


When done correctly, delegation should be the process of trusting others with the same opportunity that you have been given. Delegation is all too often misunderstood. Many people assign the dirty work and undesirable activities to others because they don’t want to do it themselves.

Delegation, at its best, builds others into leaders. The more leaders that you can effectively inspire, the greater the growth and ultimate success of your business.

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Isn’t it interesting that you always learn more as the teacher than the student? This may sound a little twisted, but stay with me here. When you approach a subject with the mindset of a teacher you tend to learn more through that mental process. As for myself, I break the information down more thoughtfully in an effort to simplify the material for the purpose of communicating with others. When I look at information as a student I simply take in the information and hope that it will stick.
Why is this important? I believe, or at least I would hope, that we are all growing in some way. I have been very active in developing my business through online marketing and writing articles. There is a scripture that has been on my heart that tells us that freely we receive freely we give. (Matthew 10:8)
There is something to be said about receiving with the intent to give. I believe it has to do with our basic design. We are created in God’s image and as such, if God is a giving God, then it stands that we are created as givers.

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Attraction marketing relies on a process of reeling in followers based on the effectiveness of the bait. Perhaps we need to consider the quality of the information we are using to cast into the sea prospects as well as our techniques. Continuing, for a moment, with the fishing theme, not all fly fishermen are created equal. They may use the same bait but some know how cast and some don’t. Some fishermen catch their limit and others limit their catch.

The answer we are looking for may not be found in the content of the free information as much as the integrity of the source. I believe that the answer is based on a well defined purpose of the messenger. Does the messenger have a fundamental intent to genuinely make a difference in the life of the subscriber? Think of this as a catch and release program. We can catch em, eat em and throw away the bones or we can catch em, and release em, to prosper and do good things.

It all comes back to the old saying “I don’t care what you know until I know you care.” The “something for nothing” message wears a little thin once reality hits and you find yourself with more expense than income. Hype is available in abundance. What people are seeking is hope not hype.

I don’t personally see any great problem with the concept of “Attraction Marketing.” The approach may vary as the market evolves; however, anyone in business is looking to attract consumers. So the question is “What do you have to offer beyond the bait?” There is a lot of information that can provide a track to run on. Some of the information is packaged in newsletters or ezines, or manuals or in random articles. We all want good, current information. More importantly, we need a viable source of information backed by someone that can effectively support the application of what we have learned.

There is a concept floating around that suggests that all we need is to keep reselling the same information until the consumers get the picture and begin using the information. It is perfectly valid to recognize that there will always be those individuals who never advance beyond the consumer stage. For the “Treadmill Consumer” there will never be enough content regardless of the quality.

There are two things required to get people off of the treadmill and on the desired path. The first thing is a motivated commitment to do whatever it takes to get it done. The second requirement is the mentor who can provide the model for taking action. It is useless to gather tons of information with no action. On the other hand minimal information with action and purpose can produce great things.

If we are going to be in the “Attraction” business we need to provide some genuine mentorship to those who make the connection. This is where personal substance kicks in. If all you have done is gather and redistribute information, you may be in trouble. If, however, you have established personal purpose and integrity that others can trust, then you can earn the right to lead others.

It is not enough to have products and opportunities to sell. Lord knows there is no shortage of “stuff” for any and all consumers. What we need is people, who are willing to put themselves on the line, take their eyes off of themselves and focus on the needs of those whom we can serve.

Caution: There will always be those individuals who will suck the life out of you if you let them. You will never build an effective network made up of unmotivated followers. To be clear, I’m not knocking those who choose to follow. In fact we need followers. I am specifically referring to the requirements to build a large, active network. You are looking for leaders or people with the potential to become leaders. Some people are ready, willing and able to step up and make it happen and some people are not.

So, to the subject of attraction marketing- Yes? No? Maybe? Of course, we will always need to attract fellow marketing enthusiasts. Maybe we can place our focus on “Relationship Marketing.” Not much is going to happen until we begin to build relationship. This is where the rubber meets the road. I believe that the motivation and drive behind the message we offer is often more important than the information itself as we move forward to build relationships.

What do you think?

Skip McNutt

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In Part I we compartmentalized all of your personal centers of influence into one. You are one person interacting in multiple communities. Those communities may include family, friends, work, church, and the market communities that you may be involved in. I can’t imagine the challenge of being a different person in each community. This is where we simplify things and recognize that we are one person with one “Personal Brand.”

“Personal Brand” management is the insight and humility to know who you are without diminishing who others are. My source of wisdom on this issue is taken from an example of the single most successful marketing effort in the history of man.

Embracing the fact of which I am about to share does not require that you subscribe to my beliefs. Facts are facts. One man, born into poverty, who never ran for office and never became a famous CEO, changed the world forever. His book became the world’s biggest seller in history and most of us have a copy or two lying around. The man I am referring to is Jesus. I must repeat myself to be perfectly clear. Whether you believe or not, you cannot deny the success of one person marketing his name to the world around Him.

This is not a sneaky effort to convert unbelievers, while at the same time; I make no apologies for personal faith. I can’t personally think of a better example of someone who has successfully established a personal brand. The focus I am looking for here is the way Jesus became so well known. He lived at a time in history when there was no 5:00 PM ’ news, no radio talk shows and no internet. So how did He do it?

The key is, perhaps, too simple. Are you ready for the most powerful marketing secret in the history of the world? Here it is! He Served!!! That’s it! I hope you are not disappointed. In fact I hope you are encouraged. You don’t need years of special training or a degree in marketing to be a success. Simply proceed with dedication to the principle of serving others, and it will be hard to fail.

If you are looking for ways to market your “Personal Brand,” you need only to promote others. Consider if you will the example set by the top leaders in network marketing. The top producers teach, demonstrate, support their followers, and they lead by doing. Top leaders serve those who follow them and are dedicated to success of others.

You can always tell the difference between those who are trying to sell something and those who simply have something of value to share. One person is thinking about “what’s in it for me?” The other person is thinking “what do I have to give?”

We have an abundance of resources to utilize in the process of connecting with others. The prevailing wisdom is to approach these communities with integrity and purpose. For example; if one of the communities that you are using is Face Book, the messages you post should contain real substance. I am not so impressed with the messages that say “I just did my nails.” The messages that have substance might sound like this – “I just found a great article on The Power of Giving,” or “I just posted some new information on nutrition,” or any other information that is value added without being all about what you have to sell.

When responding to the Face Book question “What’s on your mind?” It is perfectly okay to share information about what you are doing. The trick is to add substance. You can say, for example; “I’m getting ready for work now and I am already looking forward to being back home,” or “As I am preparing for work I’ve been thinking about some research I am doing for an article on marketing. I am eager to share what I have learned.” There is a clear difference in these two statements. The first statement leaves you thinking “so what?” The second message leaves you looking forward to reading the article.

In conclusion, not that this is all there is to say on the subject, the goal is to present your personal brand with purpose. If your personal brand is based on a well defined purpose to serve others, your communications should thoughtfully reflect that purpose.

I am personally convinced that we are born with a purpose in life. A life defined by one’s purpose is a life that makes a difference. Making a difference in the lives of others is perhaps the most rewarding endeavor we can experience.

My final thought is based on a verse that I believe is, or should be, a foundational pillar of what we are building through our efforts. “If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving – large or small – it will be used to measure what is given back to you.” (Luke 6:38 NLT)

We all know that it is not a good idea to sit around eating Twinkies. That’s not what I would call healthy living. The choices we make in how we feed our brain are no different. You can live on a steady diet of TV and video games but in order to have something to give, you need to consume healthy, stimulating and educational information. The more you learn the better equipped you are to lead. Live to give and you will be amazed and what you receive in return.

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Who we are as others see us is our “brand.” Our brand sets the tone of how we will be perceived and whether we can be taken seriously or not. How do we establish a brand while maintaining several areas of responsibility? Consider, if you will, some of the following thoughts.

Life is busy and many of us are involved in several social as well as business activities. If you are in business you are most likely active in more than one organization through your work. If you are involved in network marketing you are probably attached to some kind of networking organization including your primary business opportunity. You may be active and involved in your church. It is also a pretty good bet that you have friends who get together on occasion. Of course you have family obligations that include the individual interests of your family members and the relatives that are in your life.

I can’t imagine managing a life that includes the task of being someone different in each of the roles in which you are active throughout life. I’m sure that you have met those people who present themselves as being experts in everything they do. Somehow that just doesn’t work for me. The people that impress me the most are those who are clearly comfortable with who they are, and at the same time don’t presume to have all of the answers. I enjoy meeting people who have something worthwhile to share while showing a genuine interest in others. Part of “Personal Brand” management is the insight and humility to know who you are without diminishing who others are.
Some of the most impactful leaders I know are very real and transparent in how they present themselves. Strong leaders have the ability to influence others because they are real and they don’t come off as being super human.

I don’t believe that any of us can be all things to all people. I do believe that there are skills and beliefs that help us relate to other people without changing our values from one circle or community to the next.

Consider who you are, consider your strengths and your weaknesses, evaluate what you have that others will benefit from and establish your brand accordingly. Our personal brand need not become stagnant. You can be all that you can be while continuing to grow and become more effective as a leader.

Less is more when establishing a strong brand identity. There is one you, and who you are should be good enough in all of the active areas of your life.

Your ability to market your personal brand is far more important than your ability to market an opportunity or a product. If you fail in presenting a recognizable personal brand, you will never have a chance to market anything else that you represent.

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Newcomers to the game of golf seldom achieve the prized “Hole in One” shot. While luck often plays a role in this rare achievement; it is also true that luck gets a lot of help with practice. I love the acronym for the Luck.
(Labor Under Correct Knowledge.)

I can’t say that I believe in luck as a chance occurrence, whether good or bad. We make our own luck by the choices we make and the labor we put into those choices. I firmly believe that we are where we are and we have what we have because of the choices we make. In addition, the influence we have on others is a direct result of the level of commitment we attach to our choices.

That “Hole in One” happens because we continue to take the shot and, through practice, we get progressively closer to the target. I also find it comforting to know that we don’t have to be perfect with every shot to achieve success. No one is perfect. Success is the natural evolution of a consistent performance of our best effort. “Chance” is not a random event based on a gamble. “Chance” happens because we don’t rely on it. We remove chance, as a component of luck, because we work diligently to insure that our efforts produce the best result possible.

I use golf as an example to illustrate some valuable lessons in network marketing for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because I love the game and I enjoy talking about it. Second; the dedication required to play the game well is no different than the dedication required to be successful in network marketing.

I had the good fortune to attend a PGA Championship tournament a few years back and Tiger Woods, not surprisingly, was favored to win. I spent a good deal of my time in the practice area because it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the players. While I was there I got a firsthand look at Tiger’s practice routine. He was practicing his short game with a bread and butter shot that every golfer needs and every golfer struggles with. The best player in the world was practicing a 6 foot flop shot. His consistency was almost robot like. I was impressed by his accuracy. However, I was also impressed by the fact we was paying so much attention to a small detail, as opposed to the impressive big drive.

Most golfers go the practice range, pull out the driver and go for the distance shot. I was once told by an 80 year old golfer that the young, muscle bound players tend to go for the big 300 yard tee shot. He observed that the primary difference between their 300 yards and his 200 yards was that their shots ended up 100 yards further in the woods. Maybe we can take a lesson here. Spend less time concentrating on the big pay off and spend more time making sure that the ball ends up in the hole.

All too many marketers give up the effort prior achieving their goals. The prevailing mentality in network marketing is all about the big picture and the big bucks. This article illustrates the proper focus to be maintained on a day to day basis.

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I am always tempted by a good offer and by the excitement of a ground floor opportunity. However timing and commitment play a big role in the choice to stay or move on. It is not so simple to make a recommendation for change without considering
individual circumstances.

There are a number of companies that have made it big with awesome opening credentials. That being said, the credentials are important but they wouldn’t buy a cup of coffee without commitment. Those who understand commitment, and are willing to focus their energy on doing it right, will be the winners and the top income earners where ever they are.

If you are growing and building a solid network where you are, keep it up! There are those who are in a position to gamble on a prelaunch company. Every successful company was, at one time, in pre-launch. It is just difficult to know which companies will fly and which companies won’t make it. It is all about honestly evaluating your personal situation and the commitment you have made.

Your commitment has two parts.

Part one is your personal commitment to yourself to work hard and follow through with the choice you have already made.

Part two is the commitment you have made to the folks in your network to support them, encourage them, and continue to lead them.
I should mention that it is one thing to jump ship and quite another to climb on board for the first time.

Leaders lead. It is important that you surround yourselfer with knowledgeable, proven leaders who will always have your best interest in mind as they set the example of how to succeed. If you are involved in a successful network marketing company you have, whether you realize it or not, surrounded yourself with leaders. You have the leaders that have gone before you and are actively supporting you as your upline. You have the leaders that you and members of your downline have sponsored. You have the leaders who are developing their leadership skills with you as their mentor, and you have leaders in waiting who are watching you and contemplating the idea of coming on board.

Make a commitment, stay the course and lead the way. Generals don’t move from one battle field to the next without securing the victory. That’s why they become generals. Can you imagine leaving soldiers leaderless in a series of battlefields to fight and die with no direction? You would end up with a bunch of dead soldiers and no victory.

In conclusion I do want to be perfectly clear. Think long and hard before you commit to a new endeavor. Yes there is a time when making a change is not just a good move but the right move. Whatever your choice, the most important quality you can bring to the task is your integrity. You must know that if you move on to a new opportunity and you have established yourself as a leader, others will follow. You don’t have to steel followers to succeed. If you are in the process of becoming a leader I would encourage you to protect the troops you are currently responsible for.

These are just my thoughts. If you have anything to add I would love to hear from you. Click Here if you would like more information on the product or system that is working for me