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Brace yourself! If you have been looking for Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools online there is a good chance that you have been overwhelmed with responses. Lead generation tools come in every conceivable form. Social networks, video marketing, articles, MLM training coaches, list builder programs, and the list goes on. Take 5 simple steps to avoide costly mistakes.

There is no shortage of training and special programs about marketing and lead generation. In fact, one of the biggest problems is the endless stream of marketing and list building solutions…..all claiming to be the best.

So how do you wade through all of the offers that claim to be the best, the fastest and the biggest money makers? Let me start with a list of 5 steps that will help you sort out the good from the bad and help you focus on the effective vs. the ineffective or out dated tools.

1.    Decide what you want as a foundational approach:

 There are two primary paths to developing streams of income online. “Online Marketing” & “Marketing Online” are two different things.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing is the practice of using a variety of tools and strategies to build your primary income form a wide range of products and services. There are a growing number of people who are turning to the internet to establish multiple streams of income. The goal in online marketing is to develop multiple marketing campaigns that generate income 24/7 with little or no personal interaction.

Marketing Online:

Marketing online involves a primary business that is the ultimate focus of your marketing efforts. Many of the same lead generation tools come into play, however, the goal is to feed your prospects into a funnel that leads to your primary business. You are marketing a specific business using the internet for your sales and marketing strategy.

If you have an MLM opportunity that you are building you are simply developing and monetizing the prospects that you will ultimately direct toward your primary business.

Marketing online is a great combination of high tech and high touch interaction.

2.    Determine the best fit for your skills:

A lot can be said on this subject. Let me divide this in two categories. “High Tech” & “High Touch.”

High Tech:

The High Tech marketing approach involves online systems and strategies that can require a fairly high level of technical skills. Some people thrive on the details and the more complex online strategies. The caution for the technically inclined is to remember that the ultimate purpose is to generate income and remain proactive in developing relationships.

High Touch:

There are some incredible systems that have been produced for those who would rather build relationships than computers. Video and article marketing are generally a better fit for the high touch folks. The social networks can also be powerful avenues to develop new marketing strategies.

3.    Establish a Budget:

Building a business online without a budget can be done; however, it will take a lot longer and require a more difficult learning curve. The good news is that a relatively small budget can produce some great results with some careful planning. You will want allow for both routine monthly costs as well as one time purchases for training and special promotional programs. A general business rule of thumb for a marketing budget is from 8 to 10 percent of your overall budget.

4.    Allow time for research:

Knowledge is power. Sales and marketing strategies continue to evolve. The top income earners spend as much or more time researching as they spend doing production work. Getting noticed online and staying up to date on the latest lead generation tools requires an ongoing commitment to research.

5.    Take action.

It can be very easy to get involved with the training and preparation details and loose valuable time in the process of establishing your online presents. The best way to get acquainted with new ideas is to put them to work ASAP. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. Lack of action will insure that you make no mistakes and you will also make NO Money. Failing to take action is just plain wacky.

“Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools” can be found “Ala Cart” with no particular plan or system of application. You can also enjoy a comprehensive training system that provides a step by step approach to building an effective online business. I recommend the following link to more information on this subject.  Complete Online Markeyting System.  Just add your information.

I have also produced a training video of the same title.


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